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Since 1978, every Clearaudio analog component, phono cartridge, and accessory has been designed at its in-house German factory. Adhering to the kind of precision-driven thinking and technological innovation practiced at several world-famous institutes and universities near its headquarters in Erlangen, Clearaudio remains synonymous with audiophile eminence, exacting performance, and specialty engineering. This is what commitment to excellence is all about.


Clearaudio Nano Phono V2

The Nano Phono V2’s┬ámeticulously selected SMD components are assembled by hand in Erlangen and tested several times. The reward of these efforts is a signal to noise ratio of up to 84 decibels.


Clearaudio Concept Turntable

The Concept’s chassis comprises a core of natural medium-density wood fibre within an aluminium surround and upper layer incorporating a high tech synthetic compound. This composite of materials eliminates the detrimental effects caused by unwanted vibrations.

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