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Conrad-Johnson’s R&D efforts are concentrated on developing audio components which offer increasingly exact recreation of live music performances without interfering with the enjoyment of the music. This pursuit demands dedication and a genuine love of music that is impossible to hire, which explains the fact that in those few companies which succeed in producing musically satisfying components, product development is inevitably dominated by one or two individual personalities who are inextricably identified with the company.


Conrad Johnson Classic Sixty Power Amplifier

The Classic Sixty preserves the distinctive tonal character of individual instruments and voices, with each clearly located within the overall acoustical environment of the original recording. Musical transients are reproduced with realistic impact, but without artificial enhancement. The Classic Sixty amplifier circuit design is about as simple as possible, employing just seven vacuum-tubes.


Conrad Johnson ET3 Pre-Amplifier

 The ET3 line-stage is a “baby” version of Conrad Johnson’s flagship line-stage preamplifier, the GAT. With voltage gain provided by a triode vacuum-tube, the zero-feedback line-stage circuit of the ET3, along with its DC voltage regulators, closely replicates the circuit of the GAT.

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