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DS Audio is a newly formed audio business group in Digital Stream Corporation (“DSC”) this year. DSC has been in the laser optics market over 25 years.

DSC has been known as the provider of industrial laser optics systems in the optical disc market, in Medial testing systems, and for various laser optical instruments.

Disc evaluation system, for example, is the absolute scale of optical disc error measurement, where no reading errors are allowed. “When you see reading errors in the tests, they are caused by the disc errors 100%.” This is our statement and is based on our 25 years of experience and track-records. Market share of 95% in Disc tester optics speaks itself for the quality and performance of our laser products.

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Stylus Cleaner – ST-50

ds audio stylus cleaner

We carry the full line of products from DS Audio. Please check with us if you don’t see a particular model you’re looking for since we’re regularly updating our products.