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Founded in 1977 to bring the BBC’s pioneering loudspeaker designs to the serious listener, today’s Harbeth speakers are the product of the longest-running science-based loudspeaker research program ever undertaken. Crafted around a genuine engineering core, a Harbeth delivers accurate and involving sound at home or in the studio.

Owning a Harbeth is, and has always been, a life-changing experience and there’s a model to perfectly match your listening environment and budget. Every Harbeth is hand assembled and individually tested in Lindfield, England. Customer feedback over the past thirty-two years confirms ownership of Harbeth speakers as a truly greatest investment in serious listening.


Harbeth Monitor 40.2 Domestic

The Monitor 40.2 redefines the term ‘Reference Loudspeaker’. Built on the success of the global award-winning M40.1, this new generation Harbeth achieves the biggest leap forward in sonic supremacy since the first of the series back in 1998. A modern sound legend.  


Harbeth Monitor 40.2 Pro Speakers

The Monitor 40.2 is the latest generation of Harbeth to fulfil the ‘BBC Grade 1 Reference Monitor specification’. Coloration is by far the lowest of any monitor loudspeaker. Power handling and efficiency have been increased, system impedance raised and optimised for easier amplifier matching, tighter bass and stereo imaging in a class of its own.


Harbeth Monitor 30.1 Pro Speakers

Harbeth deliberately didn’t want speakers which would ‘flatter’ the sound Nigel Bewley, The British Library (National Sound Archives) crafted around Harbeth’s RADIAL2™ technology, the new generation Monitor 30.1 produces effortless clarity throughout the midrange, thanks to advances in computer simulation.  The result is an even more believable, musical sound over a wider listening arc.  


Harbeth Monitor 20.1 Pro Speakers

Widely used since its introduction in 1990 throughout BBC sound and vision galleries, digital workstation editors and OBs, the Monitor 20 offers a remarkably full scale sound that belies its extremely compact dimensions – about the size of a shoe box.


Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 Speakers

The Compact 7ES-3 delivers spellbinding clarity, and brings the ‘magic carpet ride’ experience to the listening room in a medium-sized enclosure. The world-class C7ES-3 takes the ultra-clean Harbeth-exclusive RADIAL2™ cone technology to another performance level. This medium-sized loudspeaker combines natural sound with a flair for reproducing any type of music.  


Harbeth Super HL5Plus Speakers

Harbeth’s Super HL5plus produces breathtaking transparency, a huge soundstage and total immersion in the performance. This speaker creates a rich bass and sweet midrange that brings acoustic music alive. The latest generation of Dudley Harwood’s original HL-Monitor, the cabinet is still engineered in the BBC tradition of removable thin-wall panels for a totally true-to-life sound.


Harbeth P3ESR Speakers

Amazing clarity and astonishing bass from a beautiful shoebox-sized cabinet – the RADIAL2™ Harbeth P3ESR is the ultimate mini monitor. The rich Harbeth sound, in miniature. Harbeth’s world-exclusive RADIAL2™ technology has been transferred to the heart of the mini P3ESR.


Harbeth Monitor 30.1 Domestic Speakers

The multi award-winning M30.1 brings a smooth, well-rounded and clear sound to the home audio system, all in a convenient cabinet size. The outstanding midrange clarity and controlled bass bring music to life in a wide range of domestic listening environments and makes for a perfect front-centre-rear-channel surround sound system.

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