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Oswalds Mill Audio

OMA is Oswalds Mill Audio, an audio lifestyle company making the world’s finest high fidelity equipment- loudspeakers, tube amplifiers, turntables and audio furniture. We are committed to returning audio to pride of place in people’s homes. If you enjoy music and value beautiful design and craftsmanship, we are the source. Celebrating our tenth anniversary in 2017, our products are made by hand in Pennsylvania, using locally sourced, sustainable hardwoods, slate, cast bronze, iron and aluminum. We are the only company in the world making solid wood loudspeakers using the same joinery craftsmanship as the finest furniture, and we are the only company that has ever used conical horn speakers for home audio. Our team of engineers and designers encompass some of the world’s best in horn and loudspeaker design, analog/tube circuits and turntables.

Oswalds Mill Audio

The OMA Anatase Turntable

The OMA Anatase Turntable is an idler drive, using the excellent Swiss made Lenco motor and platter, with OMA’s own bearing and new idler wheel assembly. All of these components are secured directly to a massive 2″ thick slate plinth which weighs approximately 80 pounds. The Anatase is coupled with the Schröder CB or BA […]

Oswalds Mill Audio

The OMA Monitor

The newest OMA speaker is The Monitor, designed to be the finest, most accurate two way mid field monitor speaker possible. The design is inspired by historical studio monitors, used by producers, engineers and musicians to create music. OMA’s The Monitor aims for accuracy in both the frequency response domain and the time domain. In […]

Oswalds Mill Audio

The OMA Monarch

The OMA Monarch is a new approach to the two way speaker. For inspiration went back to early pre WWII horn theater speakers, which often used 2 15″ woofers, and baffles to extend and improve low frequency response. The “wings” of the Monarch are functional baffles which help the 2 15″ woofers mounted in a […]

Oswalds Mill Audio

The OMA Mini

The OMA Mini is a unique two way horn based speaker with the performance of speakers much larger. The OMA Mini enclosure is a 14″ cube, and the speaker stands 57″ tall. Our design goal was to achieve similar performance and the signature sound of our larger speakers, in a small package. The OMA Mini […]

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