Soundlux Audio is proud to represent Parasound

In the complicated landscape of audio, many companies put stratospheric price tags on great performance. Parasound’s mission couldn’t be more different. Simply put, we offer the most performance for the money by finding the sweetest spot between price and diminishing returns.

Everything we do at Parasound is customer-centric because that’s how they define value. Most of their customers don’t have trust funds and have to work for their money — so we give them their money’s worth and then some. Every time another expert compares our product to equipment that costs three times as much, they succeed.

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Zdac V.2 DAC and Headphone Amp

parasound zdac-v2-black-front

Zamp V.3 Two Channel Zone Amplifier

parasound zamp v.3

Halo JC3+ Phono Preamplifier

parasound jc3

Halo JC1 Mono Power Amplifier

parasound jc1

Halo 2.1 Channel Integrated Amplifier

Parasound 2.1

We carry the full line of products from Parasound. Please check with us if you don’t see a particular model you’re looking for since we’re regularly updating our products.