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Thorens Turntable TD 309 Tri-Balance

The TD 309 sets new standards in analogue replay. The turntable’s innovative three-point-suspension (Tri-Balance) ensures perfect balance in both mechanical and aesthetic terms. Form and function work in harmony to make the TD 309 a turntable that is guaranteed to reveal the magic of analogue replay.


Thorens Turntables TD 2035 / TD 2015

The Acrylic-Series is stunning – not only from a visual point of view. Thanks to elaborate control circuitry, an extremely stable acrylic plinth and a heavy aluminium platter, the turntables are made to sound as exciting as they look.  


Thorens TD 350 Turntable

The TD 350 revives the legendary Thorens tradition and concept of the suspended chassis. The construction of the TD 350 ingeniously combines the advantages of a mass platform with those of the suspended chassis. This concept and traditional manufacturing quality make the TD 350 a record player that will satisfy even the most discerning demands.


Thorens TD 550 Turntable

The TD 550 is based on the construction of the TD 350 and comes equipped with a suspended chassis and the belt drive around the outer rim of the platter. The player‘s generous dimensions allow the mounting of 12-inch tonearms also.  

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