Miami’s Finest
Hi-Fi Audio Store

Miami’s Finest
Hi-Fi Audio Store

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Soundlux Audio is located in the heart of Wynwood and we are Miami’s premier store for Hi-Fi stereo equipment. We carry a curated selection of the best equipment you will find, set up in a relaxing and unrushed atmosphere for your listening pleasure.

Soundlux Audio is Miami’s preeminent store for the best home stereo system components you will find. We carry a range of Hi-Fi receivers, tube amplifiers, speakers, turntables, and other audio components.

Currently we are open by appointment. Please contact us by phone or email to schedule an appointment.

Come, kick back, and explore.

Transform the way you listen to music

We are dedicated to two things–great sound and helping fellow audio lovers find exactly what they need to bring this experience to their own spaces. This is the way exploring and learning about audio should be – by listening to it. Through our expertise and dedication to choosing the best equipment, setting it up correctly in a comfortable and relaxing space and providing you the opportunity to listen and make up your own mind about what you’re passionate about and what brings you enjoyment. Come see how our products will transform your listening, and connect you to music like never before.

We partner with the best brands to
provide you with the greatest
listening experiences

Classic Album Sundays

“When you have equipment this good, it can deliver such high quality that it emotionally connects you to the music. I’m not afraid to say that listening to music like this is a magical thing.”

— Brian Schneider

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