Miami New Times

Classic Album Sundays

“I think New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Kansas City are the only places doing it in America — until now,” Eric Gould, owner of Deja Vu Audio South, says. Gould was buying records for his new Design District store — which we profiled a few weeks ago  when he spoke to Sweat Record’s Lauren Reskin about co-hosting the event. The plan: Sweat would provide the venue, and Deja Vu would supply the equipment. Sunday’s system will consist of gear mostly from Audio Note UK, which Gould notes is “known for [its] natural and realistic reproduction of music.” Reskin will also be giving a historical presentation on the record before it’s played.

This month’s selection was one both organizers had a soft spot for, the Smith’s The Queen Is Dead. “It’s celebrating the record’s 30th anniversary,” Reskin tells us. “It’s a perfect choice since [Smith’s lead singer] Morrissey is painted outside Sweat. I’m always amazed how many people in Miami love the Smiths.”

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