You’ve been thinking about listening to music better…. there’s never been a better time.

Seems like music is now more important than ever. We’re definitely listening to more music at home than we could have ever imagined.  But it’s not just casual listening that’s increasing – more people now have the time and interest in seriously sitting down and listening to music or even an entire album. I can’t […]

Vinyl is popular again … What should I listen to?

When clients visit us, we often begin our conversation talking about the kind of music they listen to, where they want to listen to music, and if they are interested in listening to vinyl records. At this point, most people have already decided whether or not they are going to be record collectors. We encourage […]

Luxury Magazine Winter 2019 edition included Soundlux Audio as one of the top hi-fi shops in the U.S.

“For anyone spending serious money, listening to the components before buying them is a critical part of the decision-making process. And to do that, you need somewhere that has the best gear sold by passionate, knowledgeable audiophiles, such as these three seasoned sages.” Read article here:  

NBC 6 Deja Vu Audio South

Western Faded Haze

Western Faded Haze keeps the mind flowing with timeless fuzzed out funky grooves. The music swerves in and out of moods and is always flirting with the spirit and feeling of halcyon days. These guys play live on vinyl and also makes damn good tapes.

From Country to Classical in Tampa

The apotheosis—some would say the nadir—of country music suffering was reached in the Western Electric Sound System room put together by Déjà Vu Audio South. There, Vu Hoang (above) took the perilous step beyond Steely Dan’s “Black Cow” (as in black sheep?) to Tennessee Ernie Ford’s “Please Release Me” and The Carpenter’s “This Masquerade.” The […]

OMA at Deja Vu Audio South

Deja Vu Audio South is now a U.S. audio dealer for Oswald’s Mill Audio, OMA, an audio lifestyle company making some of the world’s finest high-fidelity equipment – loudspeakers, tube amplifiers, turntables and audio furniture. If you enjoy music and value beautiful design and craftsmanship, OMA is unique. Their products are made by hand in […]

Art Week Music Break at Deja Vu Audio South

Art Week Music Break at Deja Vu Audio South is a sharable experience providing a multi-sensorial environment. You’re invited to hang out, listen to music and reinvigorate. Join us as we present curated programs each day on the world’s best two-channel tube audio systems and integrated ambient lighting designed by raw popup.

Luxury Magazine did a fabulous story on the incredible custom vintage equipment we feature from Deja Vu Audio. A must read for anyone interested in high end audio.

“Deja Vu Audio builds the best-sounding private audio systems in the world.” … Click here for full article …

Toys For Boys is one of the coolest magazines around. We’re thrilled that the magazine featured Deja Vu Audio South in their latest issue.

“Deja Vu Audio South – The tucked away music haven you didn’t know about.” “In the heart of Wynwood, tucked away from all the noise, exists Deja Vu Audio South, and owner Eric Gould is real serious about the kind of elevated experiences we’re becoming more partial to these days … Click here for full article […]