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Audio Note

I Zero

For the Zero range, we decided to design an integrated amplifier rather than a pre / power combination. The result is the IZero, and it has exceeded all of our expectations. Offering a level of performance that was previously considered unthinkable for an amplifier of such diminutive size and price, the IZero really is something […]

Audio Note

Cobra Integrated Amplifier

Our latest integrated amplifier, producing 28 watts per channel from a pair of EL34 valves operating in Class A push-pull. It is capable of driving a wide variety of ‘speakers thanks to its exceptional double C-core output transformers, which are custom designed and manufactured by Audio Note (UK). Cobra is equipped with three analogue stereo inputs, and an additional three digital inputs, via the onboard DAC. The […]

With a footprint measuring just 18 x 33cm, the VA-One is conveniently compact for a valve amp – sufficiently small to sit comfortably on a desk, table or shelf. Yet it packs in a wealth of high-performance audio technology: a hi-res DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) joins valve-based preamp and power amp circuits to deliver sumptuous sound […]

quad va-one

The xDSD delivers CD-quality Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream your favourite music from: iTunes Spotify Apple Music Tidal As well as your laptop and TV, straight to your earphones. And with the option to stream MQA audio tracks, the xDSD steps it up a notch. Working with almost every set of headphones out there, from […]

ifi xDSD

The iFi micro iDSD Black Label is the newest iFi micro flagship product.At the heart, beats the Burr-Brown DSD512/PCM768/2xDXD True Native® DAC with headphone amplifier. The Black Label looks very good on the outside yet the inside is even better where relentless attention has been paid to advancing the sonics with the very latest components: […]

ifi idsds



Starting with the EISA award-winning Nano iDSD, the Burr-Brown chipset has become an integral part of the iFi Audio DNA. That is True Native® playback on DSD and PCM. What does this mean? the iDAC2 (and all other iFi DACs) will keep the integrity of the file format unchanged all the way through. So DSD […]

ifi dac2

Chord Electronics Ltd.


Welcome Mojo, the world’s most advanced portable digital to analogue converter DAC/Headphone amplifier. Thanks to technology derived from our Hugo series units and Dave reference converter, our little powerhouse, that’s just the size of a pack of playing cards, will not only make your music sound better, but will effortlessly drive any pair of headphones […]


Chord Electronics Ltd.


Hugo 2 is a powerful DAC and headphone amp that builds on the ground-breaking original. Designed for both home and mobile use, Hugo 2 transforms headphones and audio systems’ sound quality with its cutting-edge proprietary DAC technology. In 2014, we introduced Hugo, a revolutionary portable DAC and headphone amp that became a landmark product in […]

hugo 2

The HifiMan EF2c is a hybrid headphone amp which combines the beautiful, warm signature sound of vacuum tubes with the advantages of low distortion and high S/N rate from the solid state amplifier. A step potentiometer is featured for improved volume attenuation, and allows precise control. This results is accurate channel balance and excellent sound-staging.

hifiman ef2c

The EF100 is a powerful hybrid headphone amplifier and integrated amplifier. Housed in its compact chassis lie three independent amplifier sections: a vacuum tube input stage works as a shared preamp, a Class AB headphone amplifier, and a Class T speaker power amplifier. Benefitting from tube technology, the EF100 sounds warm, smooth, detailed and musical.

hifiman ef100


Zamp V.3 Two Channel Zone Amplifier

The Zamp V.3 is a stereo power amplifier which won “Product of the Year” 2009 from Positive Feedback Online. A powerful version of its ultra-compact Zamp zone amplifier for use in custom installations and compact systems. Capable of 45 watts per channel into an 8-ohm load, it is 50% more powerful and much cooler running than […]

parasound zamp v.3


Halo JC3+ Phono Preamplifier

The Parasound JC3+ Phono Preamp was designed by John Curl, and features a dual mono design, where each audio channel is separately enclosed in its own extruded aluminum enclosure. A mono switch can improve the sound of mono and older LPs, and a built in AC line conditioner prevents AC noise from polluting the circuits.

parasound jc3


Halo JC1 Mono Power Amplifier

The Parasound JC1 is a premier monaural amplifier, with circuitry designed by the legendary John Curl and CTC Builder. Featuring an ultra-high bias Class A/AB operation, with exclusive two position bias level adjustment capability, the JC1 one has been described by Stereophile as “lightning-fast, delivering transients and sibilants with a speed and clarity that were positively […]

parasound jc1

At Deja Vu Audio, we sell some of the rarest vintage audio equipment. Our collection includes Western Electric Tube Phono Preamp MM/MC by Aldo; Western Electric Tube DAC by Aldo; Western Electric Motiograph 7505 tube amps; Western Electric 16A Horn; Western Electric 59B Mono Amplifier; Western Electric 22P Preamps, and more.

western electric


Halo 2.1 Channel Integrated Amplifier

The Parasound Halo is an integrated amplifier featuring analog bass management with high & low pass crossovers, home theater bypass input for surround sound integration, a front panel subwoofer level control, and a dedicated high current headphone amplifier (TI TPA6120).

Parasound 2.1

Onkyo has declared war on distortion. The success of its campaign against noise is evident in the A-9070 Integrated Stereo Amplifier. New DIDRC (Dynamic Intermodulation Distortion Reduction Circuitry) dampens super high frequency distortion. Closed ground-loop circuits, HICC (High Instantaneous-Current Capability), and vibration-damping construction combine to produce a startlingly pure sound across a wide dynamic range.

onkyo a-9070


Bigger Ben Single Ended Stereo Power Amp

The Bigger Ben offers transparency, rich detail, and an incredibly low noise floor. Parts selection is crucial to the design process, each chosen for the level of synergy between parts. Rectification is solid state which permits cooler operation and reliable performance. The amp is configured for ultra-linear operation allowing greater power output and minimal feedback.

Bigger Ben power amp

Audio Note

Paladin Power Amplifier

The Audio Note Paladin Power Amplifier is a Level Three, 2 watt single-ended Class A no feedback stereo power amplifier, valve rectified choke power supply.

Paladin Power amp


Brio Phono Stage Preamplifiers

Brio phono stage caters for both MM and mid-high level MC cartridges with high output impedance. Separate power supply (included) reduce the interferences from a power line. All of the units are designed in order to be able to reproduce music in normal domestic atmospheres, rather than only in an acoustically perfect room.



Ecstasy A-class Dual Mono Tube Preamplifier

Synthesis’s experience and meticulous circuit design has produced a string of exceptional stereo preamplifiers over the years, which has been taken to new heights in the Ecstasy. The Ecstasy is designed for the hi-fi purist in terms of its minimalist approach and absolute musical fidelity.

Ecstasy a-class


A40 Virtus Integrated Stereo Amplifier

New model of stereo tube amplifiers with DAC’s on board, guaranteeing exceptional sonic performance from any digitai source. Made with the finest materials & advanced technology, this series is a sophisticated blend of research & experience. Designed without compromise far a rich sound & faithful music reproduction.

Synthesis A40 Virtus Integrated Stereo Amplifier

The Synthesis Ovation is a flexible two-channel power amplifier from the Synthesis Prime Series. Known for its uncoloured and excellent reproduction qualities, the Ovation is analytic, and built for dynamic reproduction for low level as well as high level playback.

SYNTHESIS OVATION Stereo Power Amplifier


The Theatre Mono Power Amplifier

From the Synthesis Prime Collection, the Theatre mono power amplifier maximizes Synthesis’ efforts with more power, more dynamics and greater flexibility. The full-sized chassis allows for larger transformers and bigger caps and resistors, which deliver greater control and detail.

Synthesis The Theatre Mono Power Amplifier


Celebration Single-Ended 300B Mono Tube Amplifier

 The legendary 300B power triode has long been the first choice of many serious music listeners because of the natural, emotional presentation of amplifiers using this power tube. The result of intensive research, the Celebration is a completely modern amplifier dedicated to the timeless quest for musical enjoyment.

SYNTHESIS CELEBRATION Single-Ended 300B Mono Tube Amplifier

The Classic Sixty preserves the distinctive tonal character of individual instruments and voices, with each clearly located within the overall acoustical environment of the original recording. Musical transients are reproduced with realistic impact, but without artificial enhancement. The Classic Sixty amplifier circuit design is about as simple as possible, employing just seven vacuum-tubes. Single-ended triode […]



Roma 79DC MC-MM Tube Phono Amplifier

The all important component of this line stage comprises of two ECC83/12AX7 and one ECC82/12AU7 are run by a multi stage fully regulated power supply. To back this up the Roma 79DC has an over size shielded power transformer for reduce the interference. An array high grade metalized polipropilene capacitors control the audio signal circuits.

Roma 79DC


Renaissance Power Amplifier

Audio Note

Conqueror Power Amplifier

Level Three, 8 watt single-ended Class A no feedback triode stereo amplifier, valve rectifier choke power supply, Audio Note™ copper foil signal capacitors, Beyschlag metal film resistors, standard electrolytic capacitors, in house made I-E core output transformer, valve compliment 2 x 300B, 2 x 6SN7, 1 x 5U4G      

Audio Note Conqueror cut

 The ET3 line-stage is a “baby” version of Conrad Johnson’s flagship line-stage preamplifier, the GAT. With voltage gain provided by a triode vacuum-tube, the zero-feedback line-stage circuit of the ET3, along with its DC voltage regulators, closely replicates the circuit of the GAT.

Conrad Johnson ET3

Audio Note

M2 Pre-Amplifier

The M2 is a standard chassis style, high quality, line pre-amplifier with 5 inputs and two outputs. 6SN7 as no feedback anode follower, choke coupled power supply with 6X5 valve rectifier and ECL82 regulator.

audio note m2 phono


Nimis Integrated Amplifier

Conceived, designed and built by Synthesis, Nimis is a 15W integrated tube amplifier concept developed for everyone with a passion for listening and living with the ultimate in audio and video entertainment.

Synthesis Prime Nimis Integrated Amp