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Audio Note


The DAC3.1x/II Balanced features an upgraded version of the classic Audio Note (UK) Line preamplifier output stage, using a pair of ECC82 / 5814a double triode valves. This is coupled to an output transformer, wound with Audio Note (UK) copper wire. With a 33:1 step-down ratio, this output transformer not only has exceptionally wide frequency […]

Chord Electronics Ltd.


Welcome Mojo, the world’s most advanced portable digital to analogue converter DAC/Headphone amplifier. Thanks to technology derived from our Hugo series units and Dave reference converter, our little powerhouse, that’s just the size of a pack of playing cards, will not only make your music sound better, but will effortlessly drive any pair of headphones […]


Chord Electronics Ltd.


Hugo 2 is a powerful DAC and headphone amp that builds on the ground-breaking original. Designed for both home and mobile use, Hugo 2 transforms headphones and audio systems’ sound quality with its cutting-edge proprietary DAC technology. In 2014, we introduced Hugo, a revolutionary portable DAC and headphone amp that became a landmark product in […]

hugo 2

Chord Electronics Ltd.

2 Qute

Using the same technology found within Hugo, our multi-award-winning portable DAC, 2Qute offers a simple, compact and affordable standalone solution for your two-channel system. The 2Qute is our entry level ‘straight’ DAC (no headphone amp) and is an evolutionary product which has scooped a number of press awards in recent years. The 2Qute is undoubtedly a […]

2 qute


Zdac V.2 DAC and Headphone Amp

The Zdac v.2 headphone amp is based on the superior Texas Instruments TPA6120. Its current-feedback design and extremely high slew rate prevent odd order distortions and any trace of listening fatigue. Virtually instantaneous response to musical dynamics doesn’t come at the expense of its noise floor or signal to noise ratio.

parasound zdac-v2-black-front

At Deja Vu Audio, we sell some of the rarest vintage audio equipment. Our collection includes Western Electric Tube Phono Preamp MM/MC by Aldo; Western Electric Tube DAC by Aldo; Western Electric Motiograph 7505 tube amps; Western Electric 16A Horn; Western Electric 59B Mono Amplifier; Western Electric 22P Preamps, and more.

western electric


Roma 69DC Hi Resolution Tube DAC

The Roma 69DC has USB “B” type, DSD 5,6MHz and optical input. 32Bit of resolution create a fantastic sound stage and beautiful sound reproduction. Paticular attention has been dedicated to the headphone output. Using a high-fidelity driver, the 69DC obtains an incredible natural sound performance, and perfected sound staging.

roma 69dc

A DAC with a heart of glass and no solid state op amps in the signal path. This unit will maintain the purity of your digital sound with the latest in chip technology, galvanic isolation and circuit design giving you the smooth and rich analog sound only vacuum tubes can deliver.

Jolida Glass FX Tube DAC III black