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Zamp V.3 Two Channel Zone Amplifier

The Zamp V.3 is a stereo power amplifier which won “Product of the Year” 2009 from Positive Feedback Online. A powerful version of its ultra-compact Zamp zone amplifier for use in custom installations and compact systems. Capable of 45 watts per channel into an 8-ohm load, it is 50% more powerful and much cooler running than […]

parasound zamp v.3


Halo JC1 Mono Power Amplifier

The Parasound JC1 is a premier monaural amplifier, with circuitry designed by the legendary John Curl and CTC Builder. Featuring an ultra-high bias Class A/AB operation, with exclusive two position bias level adjustment capability, the JC1 one has been described by Stereophile as “lightning-fast, delivering transients and sibilants with a speed and clarity that were positively […]

parasound jc1

At Deja Vu Audio, we sell some of the rarest vintage audio equipment. Our collection includes Western Electric Tube Phono Preamp MM/MC by Aldo; Western Electric Tube DAC by Aldo; Western Electric Motiograph 7505 tube amps; Western Electric 16A Horn; Western Electric 59B Mono Amplifier; Western Electric 22P Preamps, and more.

western electric


Bigger Ben Single Ended Stereo Power Amp

The Bigger Ben offers transparency, rich detail, and an incredibly low noise floor. Parts selection is crucial to the design process, each chosen for the level of synergy between parts. Rectification is solid state which permits cooler operation and reliable performance. The amp is configured for ultra-linear operation allowing greater power output and minimal feedback.

Bigger Ben power amp

Audio Note

Paladin Power Amplifier

The Audio Note Paladin Power Amplifier is a Level Three, 2 watt single-ended Class A no feedback stereo power amplifier, valve rectified choke power supply.

Paladin Power amp

The Synthesis Ovation is a flexible two-channel power amplifier from the Synthesis Prime Series. Known for its uncoloured and excellent reproduction qualities, the Ovation is analytic, and built for dynamic reproduction for low level as well as high level playback.

SYNTHESIS OVATION Stereo Power Amplifier


The Theatre Mono Power Amplifier

From the Synthesis Prime Collection, the Theatre mono power amplifier maximizes Synthesis’ efforts with more power, more dynamics and greater flexibility. The full-sized chassis allows for larger transformers and bigger caps and resistors, which deliver greater control and detail.

Synthesis The Theatre Mono Power Amplifier


Celebration Single-Ended 300B Mono Tube Amplifier

 The legendary 300B power triode has long been the first choice of many serious music listeners because of the natural, emotional presentation of amplifiers using this power tube. The result of intensive research, the Celebration is a completely modern amplifier dedicated to the timeless quest for musical enjoyment.

SYNTHESIS CELEBRATION Single-Ended 300B Mono Tube Amplifier

The Classic Sixty preserves the distinctive tonal character of individual instruments and voices, with each clearly located within the overall acoustical environment of the original recording. Musical transients are reproduced with realistic impact, but without artificial enhancement. The Classic Sixty amplifier circuit design is about as simple as possible, employing just seven vacuum-tubes. Single-ended triode […]



Renaissance Power Amplifier

Audio Note

Conqueror Power Amplifier

Level Three, 8 watt single-ended Class A no feedback triode stereo amplifier, valve rectifier choke power supply, Audio Note™ copper foil signal capacitors, Beyschlag metal film resistors, standard electrolytic capacitors, in house made I-E core output transformer, valve compliment 2 x 300B, 2 x 6SN7, 1 x 5U4G      

Audio Note Conqueror cut