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Planar 3

Replacing the multi award winning What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year (RP3) was never going to be an easy task. It took our team of designers headed up by Rega’s Roy Gandy, two years to develop the all new ‘Planar 3’ following the biggest re-design of the iconic ‘Three’ model ever seen. Our team have […]


Planar 2

The Planar 2 was developed over two years alongside the latest Planar 3. Featuring the RB220 tonearm, a new 24 V, low noise motor, acrylic high gloss laminated plinth, newly designed central bearing and so much more. Every feature of this innovative new turntable is designed to extract the maximum amount of information and detail […]


Planar 1

This multi-award winning ‘Plug and Play’ design utilises our handmade RB110 tonearm, with pre-set bias and a factory fitted Carbon cartridge. Set-up is possible in under 30 seconds and delivers incredible performance well beyond its price point. Rega Planar 1 Home Page  

The OMA Anatase Turntable is an idler drive, using the excellent Swiss made Lenco motor and platter, with OMA’s own bearing and new idler wheel assembly. All of these components are secured directly to a massive 2″ thick slate plinth which weighs approximately 80 pounds. The Anatase is coupled with the Schröder CB or BA […]

oma anatase

The TN-300 belt-drive analog turntable is housed in a stylish chassis, containing an MM Phono equalizer amplifier with USB output. Phono and Line outputs are supplied, allowing you to play vinyl into powered speakers or stereos without a Phono input. Transfer music from vinyl records to your Mac or PC using the USB digital output.

TN-300 Teac TT

The TD 309 sets new standards in analogue replay. The turntable’s innovative three-point-suspension (Tri-Balance) ensures perfect balance in both mechanical and aesthetic terms. Form and function work in harmony to make the TD 309 a turntable that is guaranteed to reveal the magic of analogue replay.

Thorens Turntable tri-balance 309

The Acrylic-Series is stunning – not only from a visual point of view. Thanks to elaborate control circuitry, an extremely stable acrylic plinth and a heavy aluminium platter, the turntables are made to sound as exciting as they look.  

Thorens Turntable acrylic

The TD 350 revives the legendary Thorens tradition and concept of the suspended chassis. The construction of the TD 350 ingeniously combines the advantages of a mass platform with those of the suspended chassis. This concept and traditional manufacturing quality make the TD 350 a record player that will satisfy even the most discerning demands.

Thorens Turntable TD350

The TD 550 is based on the construction of the TD 350 and comes equipped with a suspended chassis and the belt drive around the outer rim of the platter. The player‘s generous dimensions allow the mounting of 12-inch tonearms also.  

Thorens Turntable TD550

Da Vinci Audio

AAS Gabriel Swiss Hand-Made Turn-Table

Da Vinci Audio’s AAS Gabriel consists of carefully selected materials assemble with Swiss precision technology for top Swiss quality, and features a highly stable base, completely silent magnetic bearings and integrated damping system. For the most musical, live presence solution.

DaVinci Audio Gabriel Turntable


Concept Turntable

The Concept’s chassis comprises a core of natural medium-density wood fibre within an aluminum surround and upper layer incorporating a high tech synthetic compound. This composite of materials eliminates the detrimental effects caused by unwanted vibrations. The DC motor is fed by an external voltage-stabilized power supply and is completely decoupled from the chassis, isolating […]

Clearaudio Concept Turntable

Audio Note

TT-Two Deluxe Turntable

The TT-Two is built to give an even more generous measure of musical enjoyment, particularly when paired with an Audio Note™ arm to create a combination able to punch well above its price point. It has a high quality aluminum sub-chassis with optimized three-point suspension geometry.

TT-Two turntable