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Audio Note AN-J Speakers

Audio Note AN-J Speakers

The Audio Note AN-J Speaker models offer higher sensitivity and better bass performance, combined with a more dynamic presentation than the AN-K, in an enclosure that is about three times the volume.

The AN-J is a ported enclosure with an efficiency better than 93 dB/m and bass that goes down to 25 Hz at -6 dB. The AN-J is capable of reproducing the scale and intensity of most well-recorded music very realistically.

Like all Audio Note’s other loudspeakers, the AN-J undergoes the same painstaking driver selection and matching process, which ensures the closest tolerances within a pair in the entire audio industry.

Dimensions: (Height, Width, Depth) 585 x 330 x 235mm (23″ x 13″ x 9.25″)

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