Audio Note

Audio Note AN-K Speakers

Audio Note AN-K Speakers

The Audio Note AN-K is a bookshelf-sized loudspeaker capable of a bandwidth from 50 Hz to 20 Hz (-6 dB) with an efficiency of around 90 dB/m.

Careful pair matching, first by drive unit selection, secondly by pairing drive units with suitable characteristics to each other, and then finally by individually adjusting each speaker’s curve, under dynamic conditions to a master curve.

The AN-K cabinet is made from materials that compliment the workings of the chosen drive units, where instead of trying to damp the resonances in the cabinet, they are placed in frequency bands where they aid and enhance the drive unit’s work. This novel and quite difficult method helps to ensure maximum efficiency and dynamic behaviour.

Dimensions: (Height, Width, Depth) 470 x 275 x 190mm (18.5″ x 10.8″ x 7.5″)



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