Audio Note

Audio Note CD4

Level 3 Integrated Red Book CD Player.

Whilst the rest of the audiophile world continues it delusional and ultimately doomed love affair with the currently fashionable crop of what are claimed to be ‘high resolution’ computer sources, we at Audio Note (UK) continue to extract even greater degrees of information and quality from Red Book CD, which is still the best, currently available digital music format.

Audio Note (UK) is highly critical of the digital medium as presented by compact disc; we sincerely hope that you too will find this transport breaks free from the ‘digital mould’ that we are all so accustomed to, and so opens a new window on your CD collection.

It has been specifically engineered for sonic performance rather than technical specification, and fulfills all Audio Note (UK) Level 3 criteria.

Its shares many of the elements found in two of our most highly regarded Digital playback devices, the CDT Two/II and the DAC2.1x. However, the component quality contained within its solid and purposeful chassis exceeds that of either machine. Our own custom Audio Note (UK) resistors and electrolytic capacitors are used extensively, in all critical positions..

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