Monitor 20.1 Pro Speakers

Harbeth Monitor 20.1
Widely used since its introduction in 1990 throughout BBC sound and vision galleries, digital workstation editors and OBs, the Monitor 20 offers a remarkably full scale sound that belies its extremely compact dimensions – about the size of a shoe box.
Magnetically shielded, the 20s can be sited immediately adjacent to sensitive equipment which makes them ideal forn nearfield monitoring in desktop sound and video editing.

The heavy two-way sealed box has a skillfully contoured bass response and an even, natural response across entire audio band. The solid bass weight combined with the natural coloration-free presentation of programme and excellent stereo imaging means that wherever space is at a premium but a true monitor is needed, the Monitor 20 is the perfect solution.The smallest professional-use Harbeth is the Monitor 20 which replaces the BBC LS3/5a in size and performance. These incredible mini monitors offer the easy Harbeth sound and are idea for small spaces such as Outside Broadcast trucks or workstation-offices and editing suites. The overall balance and bass extension is carefully designed so that programs made on Monitor 20s can and do go straight to transmission.

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