Monitor 30.1 Pro Speakers

Harbeth Monitor 30.1 Pro

Harbeth deliberately didn’t want speakers which would ‘flatter’ the sound Nigel Bewley, The British Library (National Sound Archives) crafted around Harbeth’s RADIAL2™ technology, the new generation Monitor 30.1 produces effortless clarity throughout the midrange, thanks to advances in computer simulation.  The result is an even more believable, musical sound over a wider listening arc.


The new sixth generation Harbeth simulator has perfected drive-unit integration right through the all-critical crossover region.

The superb midband clarity and resolution of the M30s is popular with users who make critical judgement of audio quality, forensic audio and evaluation of encoded/decoded/re-encoded compressed audio.

Ideally suited to medium size control rooms/cubicles for all speech and music reproduction, the Monitor 30.1 is an excellent all-round solution offering a good balance between size and performance. They can be mounted on floor stands, hung from ceiling U brackets or sat atop the desk.

The Monitor 30.1 is ideally suited for use as a centre channel or as a rear channel in a mixed Monitor 40.1/Monitor 30.1 surround sound system.


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