Monitor 40.2 Pro Speakers

Harbeth Monitor 40.2 Pro

The Monitor 40.2 is the latest generation of Harbeth to fulfil the ‘BBC Grade 1 Reference Monitor specification’. Coloration is by far the lowest of any monitor loudspeaker. Power handling and efficiency have been increased, system impedance raised and optimised for easier amplifier matching, tighter bass and stereo imaging in a class of its own.

The Monitor 40.2 gives a relaxed and totally fatigue-free presentation that naturally and effortlessly places performers in 3D space. As with all members of the Harbeth Monitor 20/30/40 family, projects started on one speaker can be reworked on others with complete confidence despite the cabinet size range due to a common design brief and sonic presentation.

The studio monitors are finished in professional matt grey or a range of veneer options.

Harbeth’s Monitor 40.2s are at the heart of Fountain Studio’s gallery monitoring – home to many cult TV shows, the British Library’s National Sound Archive and used by many eminent sound supervisors in radio and TV.


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