FOZ XT-R Phono Crosstalk Reduction

jolida foz xtr

The XT-R represents a distinctive electronic approach to solving crosstalk inherent in many turntable cartridges and acoustic problems due to axial tilt. The result is a unit which can provides a distinct improvement in turntable sound reproduction at an affordable price.

Crosstalk is simply the stereo signal from the left side leaking into the right side, and the stereo signal from the right side leaking into the left side. Phono Cartridge crosstalk has a great effect on sound stage depth and width, as well as the position of sounds across the stage, with an elegant electronic circuit design which effectively reduces crosstalk and axial tilt – when the cartridge needle of the turntable is not perpendicular to the record groove

The XT-R represents a breakthrough since axial tilt and crosstalk is compensated for electronically and does not use the traditional approach of physical adjustment to mitigate the problems. The XTR incorporates signal cancellation to reduce inter channel crosstalk. This is the same technique that is used in high separation surround processors. The XTR corrects for a misaligned stylus or cantilever, misaligned generator, misaligned tone arm azimuth (axial tilt). It also reduces crosstalk from cross coupling of the generator coils or tone arm wiring. This works with moving magnet, moving iron, and moving coil cartridges. The XT-R will compensate for up to 7 degrees of axial tilt and can improve crosstalk to a maximum of 40dB. The result will be an improvement in stereo imaging.

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