Solidsteel HS Hyperspike Series Audio Tables

solidsteel hs3

The Hyperspike Series is the only range out of the Solidsteel catalogue of products capable of being stacked. The structural concept of the Hyperspike Series is functional, simple in design and effective. It consists of an MDF Light shelf, with each type of finish offering sound absorbing and non-scratch properties.


The shelf is 30mm thick, 550mm deep at its maximum point (front to back) and 650mm wide; capable of accommodating most audio and A/V components including High-End products, which often cannot be accommodated by the industry standard 19-inch component size.

The three pillar design is geometrically positioned to give maximum support and minimum physical contact with the surrounding environment. The Hyperspike Vibration Free System, designed by Solidsteel, improves the fit while reducing the transmission of mechanical energy.

The Hyperspike Series offers a multitude of solutions thanks to its upgrade and modular kits, which can be assembled to the client’s need.


HS-2 Two-shelf Audio Tables


HS-3 Three-shelf Audio Tables


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