Solidsteel S5 Series Audio Tables

solidsteel s2

Drawing from the prestigious Hyperspike technology, Solidsteel have created the S5 Series. The solid and essential structure provides excellent audio performances and its modularity allows you to enhance and customize the space between the shelves. For maximum performance, there’s a special anti-vibration system.


The S5 Series products are distinguished by shelves designed and decoupled on two levels. The main shelves, perforated in their central areas, are processed with embedded particulars made of steel.

The secondaries shelves, instead, via their placement on Solidsteels’s new steel cones, generate the decoupling designed for an innovative system studied for the contrast of component’s vibrations. The aluminum tubes are filled with damping material (not grainy) and through their secure fastening system allow anyone to adjust the rack with preferred heights.

Ultimately, the customization is combined with the product technology described above, where the users can always adjust the heights of the plates on the shelves in order to enjoy a valid technical equipment at the service of their facilities or systems.


S5-2 – Audio Rack with 2 shelves
S5-3 – Audio Rack with 3 shelves
S5-4 – Audio Rack with 4 shelves
S5-5 – Audio Rack with 5 shelves



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