Synthesis Melody Bookshelf Speakers

synthesis melody

The Melody is a bookshelf speaker with a 2 way rear ported bass reflex design. Constructed of wood to an elevated density, it is cut by computer control, guaranteeing absolute precision in the manufacturing and building process.


In order to increase the rigidity of the design, the panels are glued in such a way so as to eliminate standing sound waves within the inner cabinet. Such attention to detail allows a further increase in the rigidity of the panel and an even smaller overall resonance factor. Thanks to this design, extended frequencies are obtained down to 70 Hz and the high frequency range is delineated up to 20 kHz. More over the tweeter possesses the ability to reproduce a rich, precise, and incredibly natural sound.
With an efficiency of 88 dB and a power handling of 80 watts rms, the Melody is at home on most amplifiers. The aim of Synthesis was to construct a speaker that would recreate the most realistic sonic reproduction. It is in this reproduction that music is loved, be it rock or classical, blues or jazz. This ability follows for either Audio or for Home Cinema.


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