oma monarch

The OMA Monarch is a new approach to the two way speaker. For inspiration went back to early pre WWII horn theater speakers, which often used 2 15″ woofers, and baffles to extend and improve low frequency response. The “wings” of the Monarch are functional baffles which help the 2 15″ woofers mounted in a unique enclosure deliver bass that no high end design using small woofers can even hope to match. The extremely high 104db efficiency (1w/1m) means any low powered tube amplifier can drive the Monarch. Large solid wood baffles not only help load the woofers but also make room placement far less demanding. OMA’s proprietary cast aluminum alloy horn and compression driver cover the midrange and high frequencies, with superb integration due to a simple crossover network.

The Monarch is available in a range of wood types and finishes. Shown in Pennsylvania Black Walnut.

Industrial design by David D’Imperio

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