The newest OMA speaker is The Monitor, designed to be the finest, most accurate two way mid field monitor speaker possible. The design is inspired by historical studio monitors, used by producers, engineers and musicians to create music.

OMA’s The Monitor aims for accuracy in both the frequency response domain and the time domain. In other words, The Monitor is not just smooth and flat but extremely accurate in conveying the timing of music.

This two way design uses a new professional AMT (air motion transformer) tweeter, originally designed by Dr. Oskar Heill 50 years ago, and made for OMA in Germany. The revolutionary AMT design results in sound propagation up to five times the speed of conventional drivers, with ultra low distortion. Coupled with the professional 12″ woofer, both drivers are mounted to a front baffle of 1″ thick Pennsylvania slate, ensuring that any vibration created by the driver’s motion is damped and dissipated.

The enclosure is solid, 1″ thick Pennsylvania walnut, cherry, maple, chestnut or ash (dyed, natural, or thermally modified). Joinery is hand cut dovetails.

The Monitor is available with a choice of optional stands in different finishes.

Efficiency is approximately 100db/1w/1m.

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