soundlux audio story

Soundlux Audio is unique in the way we present audio, curate equipment, and most importantly treat our customers. We built a relaxed environment that is conducive to truly listening to music, learning about two channel audio systems, and most importantly satisfying client’s high expectations.

We help you design the right system for your needs, coordinate any accessories, deliver, install and tune the system – anywhere in the world. Listening to music well should be pleasurable and relaxing. Our process of designing and building a custom system is easy and enjoyable.

I’m Eric Gould, Founder and Owner of Soundlux Audio. I’m passionate about music and great audio systems.

Prior to opening Soundlux Audio, in my personal consumer experience I encountered too much emphasis on technical specifications and not enough on musicality. Rarely was there discussion of appropriate coordination between components and emotional connection to the music.

Soundlux Audio Showroom

Please call or email us to make a private appointment so we can share our passion and experience with you.